AeroMed Innovative’s knowledge base is utilized and displayed on the portals of many managed care organizations’ Web sites. As our motto is to educate and create awareness, encourage thesis on the subject and improve the thoughts of medical students and organisations.

Health stands out of all the needs

As we realized this importance, we also encourage people to be aware of this fact. When it comes to pharmaceutical sector we need to be aware of the rapid development and changes going on every now and then. AeroMed’s service helps manage care organizations in their efforts to encourage people to take charge of their health even in terms of consumption. We have been consultants for various medical based research publications too. For this we make use of “evidence based” knowledge to support our clients needs.

There is power in reliable data.

When accuracy of data, stands out, the clinical quality and population is healthy affected, succeeding in creating awareness globally. Health is, was and will be a constant focus in our daily walks of life. Here at AeroMed, we visualize and implement all aspects as a necessity.

We pay close attention to minute details so that it wouldn’t result to become a significant worry in the later stages. Some of our health care services include e-learning, medical writing and also play a part in publishing too. The upcoming e-detailing has kept apart the traditional methods and gives rise to new scope of learning for both learners and teachers.


E-learning Solutions

E-learning solution is built with interactive 2D/3D Virtual Environment depending upon the companies requirement. The users can navigate to any of respective modules and learn with clear view. They can even listen to voice of a trainer. With this the students irrespective of the location globally can access the required learning skill set and enrich their knowledge.

This learning technlogy has given a scope for implementing the acquired theory at a faster rate replacing all the didactic traditional approaches. Most of the medical students can have an enjoyable and effective experience. Indeed, e-learning is often a complementary approach with the instructor-led methods causing a blended impact. Because few people are visual learners, while others learn by either reading or listening.

Digital Communication

We provide our comprehensive range of Services – Medical Manuscript Writing and Scientific Editing to artwork design to achieve end-to-end solutions for Medical Communication. We can support our clients in the following areas of specialties.

Writing Medical Review and Case Reports
Conference and Seminar Presentation
Abstract, Summary, Re-writing Scientific Articles
Compiling Research Information
Editing, Proof Reading for Scientific Content
Writing and Editing Reports
Creating Newsletters and other Communication Materials
Competitive Intelligence and Pipeline Intelligence
Pre-Publication Support, Newsletter, etc.

Asset Management

Managing the assets in healthcare plays a very important role and with increase in tight budgets, hospital mangers have two key concerns about their assets. The primary focus lies in maintenance- where the assets are assured with the required safety and are ready to use. The next concern is life cycle management, where the assets are replaced at flexible time with keeping in mind, the cost and performance.

The healthcare industry is no exception when comparing the Industries and organizations across the globe, which are constantly impacted by the effects of shrinking budgets and strict business regulations. Some of the measures that we could spread would be- Better Inventory Control, Enhanced Efficiency. In this way proper asset management also maximizes efficiency and is beneficial to all.

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